Nicki Minaj Didn’t Delete Twitter Because Of Leaked Music

April 24, 2012




Nicki Minaj has been absent from Twitter for a little over a week at this point, and bit by bit, more details are trickling in about why she decided to temporarily abandon her social media account. Thanks to Minaj’s second to final tweet, it seemed that a tiff with one of her fan sites NickiDaily (over leaked music) triggered the disappearance, but the YMCMB star cleared that up in a new interview.

Nicki Minaj ‘Thinking About’ Returning To Twitter

“It was just funny before my album came out– I followed their Twitter page and I saw them tweeting away exclusive leaks off my album,” Nick told Capital FM. “And I’m like well if you made a fan page, I would imagine that you actually are my fan and you care about me and you wouldn’t wanna do something like that. So, I just unfollowed them. I didn’t say anything mean, I just unfollowed them. Then low and behold I saw that they were rallying people against me and saying ‘she unfollowed us. how mean is she?'”

Still, she insists that the beef with her fan site is not actually what prompted her to deactivate the account. “Let’s set the record straight because a lot of times I don’t speak on things but I don’t want people to think that’s why I deleted my Twitter,” she added. “I just needed a moment to myself. Because some page posted things about me– I mean, I’ve read horrible things about myself. I wouldn’t delete my Twitter over that. ”

In other news, she’s now considering retirement from the rap game.

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