Celebrity Teeth – What They Looked Like Before & After!

March 29, 2011



Most of the time, you’ve just assumed that celebrities are perfect, and that they’ve all been born with straight, perfectly bleached, white, dazzling teeth, haven’t you? Well, when you look at our gallery of celebrity teeth before their owners got them fixed, we’re pretty sure you’ll change your mind. Moral of this story? No one’s perfect…

Oprah’s pearly whites made use of a whitening process and minor corrections to give the million-dollar smile you see in her after picture. Her mouth looks pretty cool, in comparison to some of the other teeth pics you’re about to witness. Keep going to see more of the mouths of your favorite stars!

Chris Rock – BEFORE & AFTER
A man who makes others laugh so much should have his own dazzling smile, non? Monsieur Rock’s new veneers have transformed his look in pictures…

50 Cent – BEFORE & AFTER

How come no one ever noticed the alignment or lack thereof in 50 Cent’s orifice before he received this amazing makeover?

Denzel Washington – BEFORE & AFTER

Denzel Washington’s teeth look sexy to women, either way you slice it…or in this case, “align them.” In fact, some women may prefer his “before” picture…

Ludacris – BEFORE & AFTER

When it comes to Ludacris’ teeth, we’re pretty glad he didn’t go gold or platinum…

Keyshia Cole – BEFORE & AFTER

Madame Cole dazzles with her brand, spanking new veneers.


Oh, wow, Lil Kim! What a transformation…all around.( Ew she had too much hair around her chin)


Traded in gold for pearly white. Not too bad, Nasir. Not too bad.


Nelly proves that you can rep St. Louis without metallic teeth.

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6 Comments on “Celebrity Teeth – What They Looked Like Before & After!”

  1. michel Says:

    how to find there dentist ?



  2. yoyo Says:

    Lil kim had a beard 2



  3. nana Says:

    Dang lil Kim u could’ve shaved now every body mastakin u as a man and I don’t blame em.I wonder if your license have male or female.you like talking bout some body on yo music videos with all then wigs u could made your with that mustace homemade by the chiny chin chin.honey and dat sergery got u looking like a rag doll.Nicki look better and u talking u should play the ugly duckling I’m sure you’ll make a perfect 1kmsl.



  4. sss Says:

    2Michel, i think it is impossible to find there dentist (((



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